Our Lady's Mirror

Summer 1931


A most beautiful ikon has been given for the Shrine Church, which will be set up there and used, we hope, for the especial intention of reunion. The ikon is of the Mother of God and was taken from Kiev in 1820 to the small monastery of St Efimi Cetatea Albes (Akkerman) district, Southern Bessarabie. It is the work of the famous Kiev Ikonographist, Korik, and is a work of great beauty and devotion (gift of the Misses Hastings of Buxted). A pair of earthenware vases made at Assisi. A beautiful reproduction Gothic image of Our Lady, from a model in the Cluny Museum. To be placed over the wall in the new church (gift of Miss Farquharson). Some pieces of beautiful silk for use at the Shrine (gift of Miss Doyle Smithe). We are also very grateful to the friends who have sent, or caused to be sent, pieces of various shrines and abbeys for incorporation in the walls of the Holy House, especially the Abbess of Malling Abbey, the Abbot of Nashdom, the parish priest and council of Binham Abbey, Lady Gurney of Walsingham, the parish priest of Witham Friary, the Dean of Chester, etc etc.