These are almost endless; indeed it is a nightmare when one thinks of the things needed to begin to make a church 'habitable'. We append a list in case any reader or readers care to help or know friends who would wish to share in the great privilege of restoring the Sanctuary of Our Lady.

Our Lady's Mirror

Summer 1931

1 Corporals 2 Linen and housing cloth for two altars 3 Purification and lavabo towels 4 Two chalices and patens 5 A ciborium 6 Two sets of altar cruets 7 Two lavabo dishes and cruets 8 A missal stand 9 Two sets of altar cards 10 Two sacring bells 11 A credence table 12 Three chairs for Sacred Ministers 13 Three stools for servers 14 A folding and portable 'lectern' for Mass and Vespers 15 Candelabra for lighting the Church 16 Material for frontals 17 Two carpets for predelas, about 7ft X 7ft 18 A very small organ 19 Two portable heating stoves 20 Two candle-lighters and extinguishers 21 A Sacristan lamp-lighting outfit 22 Brooms, brushes, dusters, polishes, and pails for cleaning etc etc 23 Altar crucifixes and candlesticks to match, for two altars 24 One pair of acolytes' torches 25 One pair of processional lanterns 26 A processional cross (crucifix) 27 A thurible and boat etc etc