Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1931

The procession of the Translation of the image of Our Lady from the parish church to the new Shrine on October 15th 1931. Sir William Milner, the Shrine's chief benefactor and one of the first lay guardians, is on the left holding a candle. The image was carried by four deacons of honour, surrounded by four priest guardians - Fr Baverstock, Fr Fynes- Clinton, Fr Lury and Fr Whitby. The deacon of honour nearest the camera is Fr Frank Harwood, curate of Radwinter, Essex, and the one visible behind is Fr Frank Burnett. He was a curate at St Peter Parmengate and St Julian's in Norwich, and died when the hospital ship HMS Barham was sunk by enemy action in the Second War. He contributed articles about a chaplain's life at sea during the war to Our Lady's Mirror. The server on the right looking back at the procession is Leslie Gray Fisher, sometime General Secretary of the Catholic League and wearing here the collar of the Fraternity of Our Lady de Salve Regina, parish guild of St Magnus the Martyr.