Walsingham Review 5

extracts from Walsingham Review Number 5 June 1962
Walsingham Notes We now have the new hut in the courtyard of the Shrine and so the Information Centre in the garden can be what its name implies and also provide a rest and reading room for visitors. Various visual aids have been made for the walls and there is a good supply of instructional books and tracts which can be studied by those who want to know more about the Catholic Faith. Amongst recent gifts to the Shrine, we have had paintings by Enid Chadwick over the arches of the choir, one of St Cyril and one of St Leo, both doughty defenders of the honour due to Mary. They have been given in memory of Lord Norton, who did not do so badly himself in his own circle and generation. The Catholic League have given an image of St John in memory of Fr Fynes-Clinton which is a handsome piece of work in the baroque style which would have delighted his heart. We have been given a charming lectern for the choir in memory of Norah Harriet Yabsley. This has been designed and made by her husband and much thought and love has gone into it. Fr Maurice Brunsden from South Africa has sent us a gift of vestments and is also acting as one of our representatives in that country, where we hope to build up an organisation similar to that in England to bind together supporters of the Shrine. Fr Derek Hooper has been released for two years to be curate at Dartmouth in Devon. He has not had any parochial training and the work at the Shrine meant that he was very much part-time in the parish here, so that this experience should be of very great value to him. Early reports indicate that he has already settled to work with his usual energy and zest, although he will be missed by pilgrims here. Fr Michael McLean is leading a pilgrimage to Italy in June (with return tickets). In August we are being joined by Fr Michael Johnstone from Holy Trinity, Hoxton; this has made it easier to release Fr Derek and we are looking forward to his arrival. Fr Leo Franklin is in charge of visitors staying at the Hospice and they much appreciate his friendliness. Brother Antony is now undertaking more of the music and is developing into a first class organist, who makes the new instrument sound very splendid. Fr James Halfhill, who has been here for over a year, will soon have to return to America. It will be a great loss to us. The Shrine is undertaking the care of the three neighbouring parishes of East, West and North Barsham, one church of which is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady. We are very happy to undertake this work and those who have known the Shrine for a long time will rejoice that it is a sign that the unhappy and false suspicions once associated with Walsingham are dying away. During May a Mass was sung in the ruins of St Mary’s and then work began at once on its restoration. You will see that the Vicar and parish have not let the grass grow under their feet or spring up in the aisles, but they still need more money and Fr Roe, the Vicarage, Walsingham, is most thankful for gifts small and large which will enable the new church to be worthy of its predecessor. The US Air Base at Sculthorpe is being drastically reduced so that we shall not be so troubled, as we have been in the past, with low-flying aircraft. This is a cause for thankfulness, but on the other hand it will mean a lot of unemployment in the village as quite a number of people work there and the Shrine is amongst those whose income will be reduced by the loss of very good tenants. Those stationed at the Base have been unfailing good friends to the Children’s Home and we shall miss them greatly. The Walsingham football team, which is known as “The Pilgrims,” got into the final of the Cup and played an exhausting match in Norwich in which, after overtime, they were only just defeated. The Administrator, who is a vice-president of the club, went with them and made a speech at the dinner afterwards. Sporting pilgrims will be glad that their representatives have done so well this season in the football world.
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