The Book of the Society of

Our Lady of Walsingham

The Society of Our Lady of Walsingham was inaugurated on 20 August 1925 and this book, written on vellum by Vera E Walker, was completed in 1926. It contains twelve richly illuminated pages (below), followed by eleven less illuminated pages (the first six shown below), and finally twenty-three pages written in normal handwriting, mostly as signatures of new members dating from 1925 until the book was virtually filled up. (The last signatures are on what had been a blank page at the very beginning of the volume.) There are no later dates, so it is not certain when it ended, but the last six surnames are Willoughby, Chapman, Taylor, Swindlehurst, Worthy and Brackley (all ladies). The book was finely bound by Bumpus Ltd of Oxford Street, London.