Our Lady's Mirror

April 1926

Through the generosity of an anonymous friend it is possible to purchase three medieval cottages, originally one old house, most probably one of the ancient pilgrim inns. These are in the High Street, between the Abbey Gateway and the Church. The ground floor will have a rest room and weaving looms, and also the Pilgrim Shop. Eventually there will be a Chapel. The first floor will be used as the Hospice of SS. Michael and George for Pilgrims and other visitors. [see Spring Number 1931] It is hoped that the Hospice of Our Lady Star of the Sea will be blessed and opened on 15th June. Fr Vernon will be the preacher on 15th, 16th and 17th, and Bishop O'Rorke will sing Vespers at the Faldstool on 16th. The first Priests' Pilgrimage since the religious upheavals of the sixteenth century will take place on May 24th-26th. Our illustration shows two pages of the beautiful work of Miss Walker, who has spared no pains or time in illuminating our constitution and writing the names of all the members of our Society in this beautiful MS. The composition and technique is so delightful that we felt that we must have a block made to enable all the members to see something of its beauty, as, of course, this is essentially the property of the Society. A Chantry Roll is being opened, which will include, as well as the names of departed Members of the Society, the names of any of their friends who have been to Walsingham on pilgrimage. The Seven Lamps burning before Our Lady's Image: The Lamp of Our Lady (League of Our Lady members in Walsingham); A Pilgrim Lamp (two pilgrims); The Lamp of the Blind (a group of sightless Catholics); The League of Our Lady's Lamp (LOL members all over the world); The Ship Lamp of Our Lady Star of the Sea (Catholics who are on a voyage or who have friends who do so); The Bankers' Lamp (all in the banking profession can contribute) article: Fr Fynes-Clinton, 'The Scapular' [address referred to in the January issue] photograph: The Book of the Society [above: referred to in the January issue] gifts: 17th C missal stand, given by Mr William Milner; a pair of gilded candelabra