Our Lady's Mirror

Winter 1928

obverse of the seal of the medieval priory
This is a belated number - shall we say, owing to the snowdrifts? The real reason, however, is because we have been contemplating the advisability of continuing the "Mirror", owing to the little support it receives from members of the S.O.L.W., but we are going to struggle on somehow, because it is a link between the Clients of Our Lady of Walsingham and her Shrine. These six months, October to April, are very quiet in the Valley of the Stiffkey. The streets are deserted and the inhabitants seem to vanish like dormice into their hiding places, until the sun and the pilgrims start coming again. This is a good thing for Walsingham, that we get these quiet months, to spring clean our own souls and homes. Have you all secured your copy of the 1928 Almanac? We are going to refrain from telling you here the arrangements for the 1928 pilgrimages, as you must buy your copy of the Almanac to find out! We are trying to publish before the pilgrimage season starts a little book of prayers for use during visits to the Sanctuary. We hope to issue one to everyone who books for a pilgrimage. The banner of the Society is progressing and we hope to have a photograph of it in the next issue. Although it may not be of general interest, some of our members may like to know that a Burial Guild has been formed in Walsingham in honour of St Vincent, the primary object of which is to form a body of men to pray daily for the souls of all those whose bodies have been buried at any time in the churches and churchyards, the Abbey, and the Franciscan church here. Women can become Associates of the Guild but cannot have a place in the chapter or social gatherings of the Guild. article: 'Our Lady of Good Counsel', adapted from the Augustinian Manual There are no illustrations in this issue: a picture of one side of the medieval seal is shown above gifts: a Missal for use at St Mary's; a chalice and paten from Sir Hubert Miller; a large and convenient vestment chest