Our Lady's Mirror

Winter 1936

Entrance to the Guilds Chapel, the Parish Church
A letter has been sent out to members of the Society of Walsingham asking them to give a donation towards the expenses of the production of this little paper; and we are delighted not only at the generous response, but also at the very kind remarks made about the publication. We are very surprised, however, to note how many members have complained that they have not received the Mirror, in some cases for a year or two, and how in many cases their friends have had their copy a week or two in advance. We trust, unless the post is entirely at fault, to remedy this in future. Kindly note that this is a private paper and not to be shown to people who are not members of the Society. If this is recognised it will be possible to publish matter of a more intimate nature concerning the Sanctuary and its work. S. Augustine’s is being put to a practical use again pending its adaptation for more permanent purposes. Here is housed the pilgrim Secretariat. One room is used by the Parish Sister for her classes, while in a third the loom is set up where the “Walsingham Cloth of God” [did they mean Gold?] is made; and a fourth apartment is shortly to be occupied as a studio in connection with the Crafts Guild mentioned in our last number. The house is quite uninhabitable as a dwelling, but with care and an eye on the ceilings when it is raining, it can still be of use for a little while longer. The Sepulchre in the Garden has had to have a regular spring clean. The actual tomb was literally black with grease and smoke from the votive candles. It is a great joy to have it fresh and clean again. The annual Norfolk Pilgrimage will visit the Holy House on the 874th Festival of the Shrine, March 25th, the Annunciation of Our Lady. It is on this day each year that the great candle of the Guardians is renewed, brought to the altar during a Low Mass in the Shrine at the offertory, and blessed and then carried by one of the Guardians and set up on its stand. illustration: Enid Chadwick's drawing of the entrance to the Guilds Chapel in the parish church [above]