Our Lady's Mirror

Spring 1956

S Columba in the GSS Chapel
The weather here, as elsewhere throughout Europe, has been most trying, with snow, ice and bitter winds and unfortunately this affects our congregations, both at the Shrine and the Parish Churches; of course in towns one supposes it makes no difference. Fr. Lingwood who has lived all his life in Walsingham, except for one year when he served his title at Bradford, has been offered the church of S. Martin’s, Barton, Torquay, by the Bishop of Exeter. For a long time now he has felt the strain of the financial responsibility of the Shrine, the College, the Children’s Home and the Sanctuary School, etc., and his Doctor has warned him that if he is not careful he will have a serious breakdown! Indeed he has been far from well for the past year, and so, reluctantly, he has decided to leave Walsingham. We wish him every blessing and happiness in his new work, while his going will be an unimagined loss to Walsingham, the three parishes and the Shrine and its works; indeed the outlook is very grim as no one could have fulfilled the office of Bursar more competently and thoroughly, and it is almost impossible for the Administrator to vizualise the future. Father will be going to his new sphere of work at the end of June. Readers of the Mirror are always interested in our local events, treats as well as festivities, so they will like to hear that the fund for the restoration of S. Mary’s Parish Church is slowly, very slowly growing, but to counterbalance this S. Peter’s has been surveyed and the report is very serious. The tower and bells are in a dangerous condition and the North aisle roof (which was not attended to some 25 years ago when that church had to be restored) needs releading. So we now have two major works of restoration on our hands. Phew! The library at S. Augustine’s is growing, through the kind gifts of friends living and by Will, but we do need new books as well as the good old standard works, so do not stop willing us your libraries, for nothing sent in that way is lost, as when there are duplications books are passed on to help form other libraries, the Convent for example. But we need up-to-date publications if the library is to be effective. Talking of the Convent, the building is finished and is quite delightful, we who have had the job of seeing the inside can assure you of that; unfortunately when the Community takes up its residence that privilege will not be possible for others. The extension of the Hospice is now going on apace and we really do trust to have the new accommodation available by the end of July, and we hope to see Mrs Ferrier reinstated in the new Shrine Shop well before that. These notes are very scrappy and put down rather disjointedly. but I hope you will read, mark and inwardly digest their contents. With all good wishes for a happy Pascaltide. articles: F A W H, 'A Lutheran Image of Our Lady'; 'The Shrine of Our Lady of Redcliff'; V R Vyner- Brooks, 'Shrine flowers'; Gregory Dix, 'The Religion of S Augustine of Canterbury'; G S W, 'Our Lady of Assebrouck' photographs: the Chapel of S Hilary; S Columba statue in the G S S Chapel [above]; Lutheran altar at Osterode; two photographs of St Mary Redcliff church (Bristol); parish shrine of St John's Balham; Our Lady of Assebrouck, Bruges