Our Lady's Mirror

January 1926

Our Lady’s Well Walsingham
We dedicate this little paper to the Glory of God and to the Honour of our Holy Mother, the Ever Virgin Mary - our Lady of Walsingham. Our Lady's Mirror will be sent out four times a year to all members of the Society - and we hope by this means to keep in close touch with one another and through this means convey to the world the good news of the favours wrought by Mary in answer to the petitions offered here - or to those who invoke her under the most sweet title of "Our Lady of Walsingham" throughout the world. The headpiece of this paper, drawn by a local artist [Lily Dagless], depicts the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spouse of our Beloved Lady, who is seated on her throne with the Holy Child on her knee, as represented in the venerable image of Our Lady at Walsingham. Supporting the throne, on the right hand, is S. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and Patron of the Church of Great Walsingham, while on the left stands S. Giles, the Guardian of Houghton-in-the-Dale. The Society was inaugurated during the August pilgrimage in 1925, on August 20th. At the first imposition of the Scapular Fr Fynes-Clinton gave an address on the meaning and use of the Little Blue Scapular. Privileges of the Society: Brothers and Sisters are remembered at the daily Rosary said at the Shrine. The Saturday Mass is offered on behalf of the Society. A Requiem Mass is said on the death of a Member, and monthly for the repose of the souls of all those departed. All Members receive the Quarterly leaflet. The Walsingham Pilgrim Shop: the need has been very badly felt, and one is to be started. The needs of the pilgrims will be met, and also we hope to be able to supply vestments and church furniture, and altar breads made by Religious. A lady artist who has recently visited the Shrine wrote to offer to illuminate a book to contain the Society's Constitution and the names of members, which will be kept in a casket in the Shrine. article: Fr Archdale King, 'A Return to the Ages of Faith' photograph: Our Lady's Well, Walsingham [above] gifts: the Bankers' Lamp, presented by a group of Catholic bankers; a 17th C Spanish green chasuble worked with flowers.