Our Lady's Mirror

Winter 1935

Enid Chadwick's map of Walsingham click on picture to enlarge
We are informed that a new “Pilgrim Shop” is to be opened in Walsingham, almost facing the entrance to the Abbey. This is to be under the management of English Catholics entirely. Vestments and all forms of Church work are to be undertaken. The old Church and Pilgrim Shop is still functioning, while at the Miss Bansons in the High Street, as well as at the Shrine itself, publications and souvenirs and cards are always on sale. We trust competition will be a boon to business. As all our readers know that the South-West chapel at the Shrine has been fitted up and enclosed with some beautiful iron gates, it is now proposed to treat the North-West chapel in a similar way, and to make it into the Chantry Chapel of King Edward I and all pilgrims and benefactors to the Shrine. The point in calling it the Chantry of Edward I is owing to the fact that the King had a very great devotion to OLW, and came here at least thirteen times on pilgrimage, and had a chantry chapel built in the old priory church where mass was said for his soul and that of his family and ancestors. THE MAP OF WALSINGHAM The map of Walsingham showing the way to the Shrine of Our Lady, depicts the roads leading to the Shrine from Houghton, Wells, Norwich and Egmere, as well as the rail road. [click on picture above to see a larger version and more description] article: Fr Edward Lury, 'Christmas at Mkuzi' illustration: Enid Chadwick's map of Walsingham [above]