Shrine Church entrance

Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1935

Tuesday, October 15th, was the fourth Anniversary of the Translation of the Image of Our Lady from the Parish Church and the opening of the re-erected Holy House. The Annual Chapter of the Guardians was held on the 16th of October and was well attended. Five new guardians were elected and have expressed their great pleasure in joining the College. The new members are Major Adderley of Lound; Fr Deakin of S. Augustine’s, Queen’s Gate; Canon Powell of S. Bartholomew’s, Ipswich; Fr Vernon of Christ Church, S. Leonards-on-Sea; and Fr Maryon-Wilson of S. Mary’s, Somerstown. There has been an increase in the number of pilgrims and visitors to the Shrine, and excluding the organised pilgrimages over 12,700 people have passed through the Holy House in the past twelve months. THE NEW PROPERTY During this year certain properties adjoining the grounds of the Shrine and Hospice came into the market. They consisted of a good house and large grounds and a row of old and dilapidated cottages, with gardens, comprising nearly the whole of the West side of Knight Street. The Guardians considered it was their duty to secure these properties; indeed it would have been considered a grave neglect of their office if they had failed to do this, as should these grounds have fallen into the hands of those who were unfriendly disposed towards the Shrine and its work, or should institutions have been erected which would have an uninterrupted view of the Sanctuary and Hospice grounds, much unpleasantness might have been caused, to say nothing of the impossibility of any future developments. Owing to the generosity of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, the first of these properties has been secured for the Sanctuary, but in order to safeguard the remaining part a sum of some £660 has had to be borrowed from the bank to pay for the cottages. These, when vacated – as they are condemned – will have to be rebuilt or adapted for the purpose of the Shrine and pilgrimage. Will any generous friend, following the example to the anonymous donor just mentioned, send us a cheque to clear this amount? Perhaps someone else might provide for the rebuilding or adaptation? This does not mean that ANY small sums will not be welcome as well. This venture was forced upon the Guardians as necessary for the well-being of the Shrine in the future. Blessed Mother, Maid divine, Raise to thee this heart of mine; Fill with heavenly warmth my frame, Bid my soul ascend in flame, In eternal jubilee, Singing ever more with thee Amen (Agnes Strickland) article: 'Our Lady of ...' illustration: Enid Chadwick's drawing of the Shrine Church entrance [above]