Our Lady's Mirror

Winter & Spring 1949

A corner of Parcevall Hall [home of Sir William Milner]
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Father Patten, who had a breakdown in health last August, was ordered away by the doctor for at least two months. He arrived back in Walsingham on the Tuesday before Christmas, and on the following Sunday he again had to give in and take to his bed. When he was about again we all persuaded him to go away again, and he is now in Malta. All this is very worrying, not least to Father Patten himself; but in addition this search for health, when it is due to overwork over a period of years, is expensive. If there are any who would like to help with the expenses of this illness and the provision of a priest to take his place at Walsingham, their contributions would be very welcome, and should be sent to the Reverend J. Garlick, 37 Holland Road, W.14, stating that it is for this purpose. The work at Walsingham increases each year and has become so exacting that it is impossible for two priests to cope with it. We are still waiting for God to move suitable priests, and for them to answer the call to give their lives to the work of rebuilding the ancient Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. The Whit-Monday Pilgrimage – This seems to be assuming importance as an annual event. Coaches can be booked to start from Churches in the London area by writing to the Shrine Office. The cost is £1.1s. per person if a 32-seater bus is taken. Why not organise a contingent from your parish? If you live in the provinces it will be necessary for you to charter a bus from some local firm; all you then need is a pilgrimage badge (price 1/6) for each pilgrim. A buffet lunch will be provide for those who book beforehand, at 2/- each, and tea at 1/3. The preacher is to be Father Colin Gill, of St. Martin’s, Brighton. We are pleased to tell our readers that the Orthodox Chapel has a resident priest, Dr. Najdanovich, who is now living in Walsingham. Dr Najdanovich is a Serb who is in exile from his country for religious reasons. At various times the strains of the Orthodox Liturgy intermingle with the singing of the College Chapter Mass. We ask our readers to pray that God will bless Dr. Najdanovich’s ministry here, and that those of the Orthodox faith who are exiles in this country may come to know our Lady under her ancient title of Walsingham. articles: Archimandrite Lev Gillett, 'The Veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God'; 'A pilgrimage to Ars'; William Milner, 'Parcevall Hall'; Clare Dawson, 'The Face of Mary'; Fr Patten, 'Gara Catechistica'; 'The House of Mercy, Horbury'; Fr Alban Baverstock, 'Some Early Recollections, continued' photographs: a corner of Parcevall Hall [above]; the chapel at Horbury; the Blessed Sacrament chapel at Horbury