Our Lady's Mirror

Summer 1949

The “merry month of May” at Walsingham
The Administrator has returned home at last and seems much better than he has been for a long time. We trust the improvement may continue. He wishes to thank all those kind friends who made enquiries and wrote to him during his exile from home. Sometimes we receive letters from our readers taking exception to statements made in this publication. We wish to remind all our friends that we cannot hold ourselves responsible for the opinion of our subscribers and that the “Mirror” is only by way of a friendly link between the clients of Our Lady of Walsingham, somewhat like a family letter, and although we try to avoid hurting people’s feelings, we trust they will read our publication with open and generous minds. We are proposing to print in addition to the “Mirror” a quarterly sheet of Parish and Shrine news, first for the benefit of those living in Walsingham and Houghton, and also as a means of letting our friends know something of our parochial doings. It is to be printed in uniform with the “Mirror” so that it can be bound up with it if desired, and to save postage it is proposed to send it to those who wish to subscribe, 1s. a year, with the “Mirror”. To begin with, at any rate, it will only consist of one sheet, i.e. four pages. Pilgrimages have started in earnest – the first coming on Easter Monday and others each weekend since. We try to keep the Sunday after the Assumption free, if possible, as it is within the Octave of our Patronal (August 15th), but many visitors like to come and stay in Walsingham over the feast, and we are always delighted to welcome them; but it is important that any wishing to be here for the Assumption Octave should book their accommodation at once. As many of our readers already know, one of the aims of the Administration here has been to open an Orthodox House in Walsingham with, together with the Chapel in the pilgrims’ Church, might become a centre of Orthodox worship and life. In recent months such a house has been taken over, and Dr. and Madame Najdanovich have come into residence. The “House of the Theotokos”, as it is named, is a very small cottage and not at all ideal, but it is a beginning, and with the Doctor’s and Madame’s zeal will, we hope develop into a useful centre. Already Serbs and Russians and others are gathering around and numbers varying to about 30 walk over- some for miles – in order to attend the Liturgy, etc., in the pilgrimage Church on Sundays. Besides the Sundays the Liturgy is also said twice in the week. Morning and Evening Prayer of the Orthodox rite are daily said. Of course, with new ventures new needs arise, and many things are required for the Chapel – for instance, a small eastern thurible; candelabra; material for vestments; icons, etc. etc., as well as furniture to fit out the house adequately. Any wishing to help in this important work towards mutual understanding and reunion should write to the Administrator. articles: 'The Shrine of Tal Minsija'; 'Father Mellor' [of Christ Church, St Leonards-on-Sea]; 'The first Orthodox Easter at Walsingham'; 'Notes on the College of the Grotto of St Paul, Rabbat'; J R Windsor- Garnett, 'A Hymn for Pilgrims'; Fr Alban Baverstock, 'Some Early Recollections, conclusion' photographs: two photographs of "The merry month of May" at Walsingham [one above]; exterior of the Shrine of Tal Minsija, the road to the Shrine, and the Holy Cave; four photographs of the College of the Grotto of St Paul, Rabbat