Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1949

Enid Chadwick
This has been a very busy summer, with continual pilgrimages ever since Easter, and at the time of writing (August) there seems to be little sign of the stream stopping until well into middle or late autumn. The Bursar has just returned from a much-needed rest and looks very fit and brown. Miss Chadwick has been most ably coping with the office in his absence. By the will of Father Claude Kingdon, the patronage of S. Ann, Whitson [Whitstone], Devon, in the diocese of Truro, has been left to the College of Guardians. Readers of the Mirror visiting Devon or Cornwall should make a point of visiting this charming little Church where they will get a warm welcome from Father Arscott, one of our Priest Associates, who is the Parish Priest. Those at a distance wishing to hear Mass or receive the Sacraments should get into touch with him. The work in S. Joseph’s Chapel is nearly finished. Enid Chadwick has covered all the walls with paintings of the life of the Saint with a most brilliant effect. We are most fortunate in having the help of this very talented artist who is so untiring in her work for the beautifying of the Shrine as well as the many hours she gives daily and voluntarily in the Shrine office. We are indeed blessed in those who help in the work here. If only we had more of them so that we could all have reasonable hours and less strain. Everyone knows “William”, he is such a part of the place and for years has been the most reliable and unwavering standby and like all willing helpers gets a frightful lot piled upon him, which however he seems to carry unflinchingly. We must not begin to mention the others who are so willing and helpful for there are obviously some such; otherwise we could not carry on. The Endowment of the Sanctuary Church, By Father H. J. Fynes-Clinton We all know the urgent necessity of securing the permanence of the work of the Shrine, now become one of the most important centres of the Faith and of the honour of Our Lady. The future of the whole foundation with its various associated activities, pilgrimages, Boys’ Home, the Sanctuary School, the Sisterhood, the College, etc., is precarious unless the maintenance of a sufficient body of priests is ensured, especially in future when the Shrine is detached from the vicarage. At present the upkeep of the College consisting of Priests and Lay-Brothers is dependent upon the voluntary offerings to the Clergy Fund. An appeal for general endowment was issued by Sir William Milner some time ago, but to meet the need a further plan has been adopted. This is to enable the several Societies which have Chapels in the Church to found “Prebends” as endowments for the serving of their own Chapels in perpetuity. A beginning of this has been made in the case of a few, but we hope that the others, e.g. the Priest Associates, the C.B.S., the Seven Years Association, the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham, the Society of Mary and Living Rosary, the School and Scouts will at least make a beginning for their own Chapels. We feel sure that this plan will attract the individual interest of the Societies and of their members, and of the Guardians to whom the several Chapels are assigned. The first £20 contributed for a Prebend will be devoted to endow an annual Requiem for the departed members of the Society in its Chapel. Individual members can send donations either direct or through their Society. This appeal therefore is addressed to the Societies and donors in the hope that they will make a grant or annual subscription for their Prebend. Please send contributions to Sir William Milner, Bart., Parcevall Hall, Skipton, Yorks, or to your Society. 1. The Annunciation SS. Gabriel and Vincent. Society of Mary, The Living Rosary and S. Dominic: Fr. A Baverstock and Mr G Long. 2. The Visitation S. Edward, K.C. Chantry of Edward I and All Pilgrims to O.L.W. (£370): Sir Eric Maclagan. 3. The Nativity SS. Hilda and Hilary. The Children’s Home: Lord Norton. 4. The Presentation S. Ann. Society of Our Lady of Walsingham. 5. Finding of Our Lord in the Temple SS Thomas and Philip. Chantry of Fathers Tooth, Wilmot-Philips and Major Bowker (£300): Canon Powell and Major Bowker. 6. The Agony S. George. The Sanctuary School, Scouts and Guides: Fr. Maryon- Wilson. 7. The Scourging SS Cuthbert and Wilfred. The Milner Chantry (£1,000): Bishop O’Rorke and Sir William Milner. 8. The Crowning SS Hugh and Patrick. The Restorer’s Chapel: Fr. Lingwood, C.S.A. and Mr J Banson. 9. The Carrying of The Cross S. Curé D’Ars. The Priest Associates: Fr. Lester Pinchard. 10. The Death on the Cross S. John, Ev. Fynes-Clinton Chantry and Catholic League and Sodality of Precious Blood (£934): Fr. Fynes- Clinton. 11. The Resurrection S. Joseph Anon. Donors: Fr. Raynes, C.R. 12. The Ascension SS Francis and Clare. Seven Years Association (£100): Fr. Twisaday and Sir John Shaw. 13. The Holy Spirit S. Columba and the Celtic Saints. Anon. Donor: Bishop Vernon 14. The Assumption Our Lady (High Altar). The College 15. The Coronation Our Lady and All Angels and Saints. The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament. Fr. Reggie Kingdon. 16. The Holy House The Annunciation B.V.M. The Shrine Chapel: The Master of the College of Guardians (Fr. Hope Patten, C.S.A.). Then there are the following Chapels which require endowment:- A. The Sacred Heart: The Private Chapel of the Sisters. B. The Orthodox Chapel: For use of all the Orthodox. C. Our Lady of Sorrows (4th Station): Chantry Chapel of Agnes Eyden. D. Altar of the Tomb (14th Station). N.B. – Sums in brackets = endowment given. Names are those of Guardians to whom Chapels assigned. THE CHAPEL OF THE S.O.L.W., By the Superior General of the S.O.L.W. As all those who were members of the S.O.L.W. before the war will remember, the Society possesses its own altar and Chapel in the Pilgrimage Church at Walsingham. At the time of building the sanctuary, members contributed for the structure of the Chapel as well as its fittings, and its patronage was chosen by the votes of the Society; the majority choosing S. Anne, the Mother of Our Lady. Our responsibility does not end there, and besides there are a number of members who have joined since 1938, eleven years ago, who have had no hand in furnishing or building, and so although this is addressed to all members, in a sense it is more particularly for those who have joined us in the last decade. There is a very necessary scheme for the endowment of the Shrine (see Father Fynes-Clinton’s note) so that it can be put on a reasonably sure financial footing and it has been suggested that the “owners” of each Chapel should be responsible for its endowment. The income of this endowment will be used for the stipend of the Prebend, who will occupy the stall of S. Anne in the choir. So far the Chapel of the Visitation which is the chantry of Edward I and all pilgrims to the Shrine has £370 towards its endowment. Father Tooth and Wilmott Phillips £300; the Milner Chapel £1,000. The Catholic League and Fynes-Clinton Chantry £934; the S.Y.A. Chapel £100; but the Chapel of our Society has not got a penny. Now we must really try and lead in this matter as we are the largest society connected with the Shrine, which has been formed to support it and its works so that we and the Priest Associates (Chapel of S. John Curé D’Ars) are of all people the most closely associated with the Holy House of Our Lady. It is not unreasonable to ask and to expect EVERY member to give something to the endowment of this Chapel in which every month a special Mass is said for the living and also a Requiem for the departed members of the Society, besides other Masses offered from time to time for the same intentions. 1. We would like to suggest that you send to the Administrator; who will forward it in a lump sum to Sir William Milner, a monthly Mass offering for the living and the dead. Send what you can manage for each Mass, for after all it is your Mass offered for you or for your Confrères in Purgatory and at your own altar. 2. Perhaps you can shut your eyes – hope for the best and write us a cheque, a nice, fat one, or buy a postal order. Be rather rash over it for once! In these two ways we hope to be able to provide for a Priest, one of whose main works will be to intercede and offer the Holy Sacrifice for all of us who belong to the Society of O.L.W. You have read of the great increase in the need for manpower – here – well, this is a real and permanent way of providing for it. What about it? THE DUKE OF ARGYLL We have reecievd notice of the death of the Duke of Argyll, one of our earliest Guardians of the Holy House. He was very fond of Walsingham and interested in its developments and tenaciously held to his Fellowship despite declining health, and in later years, his inability to visit England. articles: 'An English Catholic accompanies a Roman Catholic pilgrimage'; 'The Miracles of a Holy Well'; A H P, 'the story of the Shrine of the Miraculous Picture of Our Lady, Ta Pinu, Goza'; Fr Colin Stephenson, 'Our Lady venerated in an Oxford church [St Mary Magdalen]' photographs: Enid Chadwick [above]; interior of the Holy House; the family at St Hilary's Home; Shrine of OLW, Nashota House, USA; four photographs of the Shrine of the Miraculous Picture of Our Lady, Ta Pinu, Goza; Our Lady of Joy, St Mary Magdalen, Oxford