Our Lady's Mirror

Spring 1930

One of Enid Chadwick’s village drawings
Spring Number 1930 Autumn 1930
There was a lot of interest caused by the notice in the Church Times advertising the price of the Priests' Pilgrimage for May. This notice was printed entirely without the knowledge of the Pilgrimage Committee, and it was very misleading, as it gave the prices minus the cost of the journey, as plans were being made for the loan of cars to bring the Pilgrims. If only more owners of conveyances would undertake to do this the expenses of the visit to Walsingham could be greatly reduced. A very beautiful post card of the Shrine has been taken, and photographs (post card size) can be obtained from Mr Mare, Chemist, Walsingham. The Vicarage House at Walsingham is to let furnished from June 24th to August 9th and from August 25th until November. It would be a great kindness if anyone who knows of a family wanting such a house would put them in touch with Miss E. Lloyd. Should anyone be going to the Congress at the Albert Hall, do not fail to visit the Walsingham Pilgrimage Stall, and take all your friends there. Fr Patten had several rather important relics given him recently, which will be venerated with the others now in St Mary's. These include relics of St Peter, St Andrew, St Anthony of Padua and St Catherine. They are all under proper seals and accompanied by letters of authentication. "To allow of a personal matter creeping into the Mirror for once. As you perhaps know Fr Patten has been ill for some months past and has had to be away from home. The doctor has ordered him to have a car and go out as much as possible. This has recently been given, and is being run for him for a year, free of all expense, and we hope it will have the desired effect." article: short humorous account of the return journey of some of the Catholic League pilgrims; description of the English Medieval Art Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, drawing attention to items with some connection with Walsingham There are no illustrations in this issue: one of Enid Chadwick's drawings of the village is shown above gifts: another small ship has been given as a thanksgiving for a safe sea voyage; a model of a railway engine, in gratitude for many safe miles of rail travel