Our Lady's Mirror

Winter and Spring 1927

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The Shrine in the Parish Church
There are four pilgrimages arranged for this year. May 3rd-5th, organised by Major Bowker. May 17th, Annual League of Our Lady pilgrimage. June 7th, Catholic League pilgrimage, led by Fr Fynes-Clinton. August 16th-18th, the Assumption pilgrimage. Now we have a very serious matter to bring before our members. It is the life or death of 'Our Lady's Mirror'. We are very anxious to publish this little leaflet for the members of the S.O.L.W. each quarter, so that we may keep in touch with all those who wear the blue Scapular, but, unfortunately, printing and paper does not grow on the hedgerows, and so, if we want the 'Mirror' to continue, it is necessary to help support it. There is an account of £11 from 1926 waiting to be met, and Walsingham cannot afford to do this every year. If every member could send 1s. [one shilling - 5p] a year - and those who could afford it, a little more - there would be no difficulty. Unfortunately, only about ten or twelve have sent anything. Please see what you can do. An account of Walsingham has been sent to the Community of the Holy Cross, Nyngan, N.S.W., Australia, to be read to the children of the Orphanage. A large photograph of the Shrine, medals, pilgrim leaflets, pilgrim books, prayer cards, post cards of the Holy Wells and Abbey Arch, pilgrimage hymn sheet and tune, two flat wooden painted statues of Our Lady of Walsingham. The Director of the May Pilgrimage - The Rev. Father Whitby, Parish Priest of S. Mary's, Graham Street - has very kindly promised to come and preach to the Pilgrims on May 17th to 19th. article: 'Our Lady of China', adapted from an article in the Almanach de St François 1927 photographs: Entrance to, and view of, the Shrine, in the parish church of Walsingham [the second is shown above]