Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1927

The altar of SS George, Thomas and Edmund in the Parish Church
Pilgrimages are made to most Shrines according to the local custom or method pertaining to a particular Sanctuary, and so we have evolved three ways by which a client of Our Lady of Walsingham may make the Pilgrimage to Walsingham, which has been the desire of the pious of this country for 866 years. Details of the three pilgrimages are given under the headings of: The Greater, or Conducted, Pilgrimage The Wednesday Pilgrimage The Little Pilgrimage The custom of Protestants throwing pins into the Holy Wells at Walsingham seems to have been in lieu of the small piece of money which all pilgrims placed on the Shrine altar. It was proposed [in the last Mirror] that the Society should have its own banner. Only two people have so far sent donations, but we have, however, made a start on the work, fully confident that the brethren will wake up and help. The Banner will be of blue or green - with the figure of Our Lady of Walsingham surrounded by gold rays, at her feet the Arms of Walsingham, and below her throne SS Peter and Giles. The figures are well under way and the faces have almost been completed. S Peter is vested in a scarlet cope, carrying the book of his Epistles, and the keys, and wears his triple tiara, while S Giles is in pontificals as Abbot with his doe and arrow. [Contributions are also asked for the making of a pall to be used at members' requiems.] A Pilgrimage Almanac 1928 is due to be published in November. Every member of the Society should possess a copy. Can any reader supply information about four ancient chantries in the church of Walsingham - of Sir John Ovidale, John Marshall and Alice, and Sir Bartholomew Buryhersh. Four hundred and ten years ago last August Cardinal Wolsey came as a pilgrim to Walsingham for his eyes. article: 'Old English Devotion to Mary' photographs: Shrine of the Sacred Heart decorated for the month of June, and the altar of SS. George, Thomas and Edmund [above], both in the parish church of Walsingham