Our Lady's Mirror

Winter 1943

Looking into the Holy House
All except two of our old servers are now in the forces, and of these one is beyond the military age while the other has been turned down on account of his eyesight. These two are our towers of strength. The Masses at Christmas, which owing to black-out conditions took place in the Pilgrimage Church, were, considering the numbers away from home, very well attended. The Midnight Mass was particularly happy. Already the trees are beginning to bud and the spring flowers are pushing their way out of the soil, but these signs of coming life do not mean the end of winter. March is one of our coldest months and is yet to come. In the Octave of Epiphany Father Fynes-Clinton, that intrepid client of Our Lady of Walsingham, led the annual Catholic League Pilgrimage to the Holy House. This visit was distinguished by the large number of boys, below military age, who came for the most part from Beckenham. Such a nice crowd. Also in the Octave, after the pilgrimage had gone, Father Biggart, C.R., conducted the first retreat of the Fellowship of Our Lady and S. Augustine, the Sisters kindly lending their Chapel for the addresses. Although the gathering of the Fathers was only small, yet it was a very happy time and we hope to see many more next time. The Servants are Clerics who pray and work for the foundation of the proposed College of Priests at the Shrine and are among those who take Chaplain Duty at the Holy House and can be relied upon to help when requested. THE HOME On S. Hilary’s Day Mass was at the altar of S. Helena (and S. Hilary). All the family, who are as a home under the patronage of this Confessor, Bishop and Doctor, turned out, indeed they all were in Church by half past six, thirty minutes before the Mass, which was sung. In the evening twenty of us sat down to supper at the Knight’s Gate Café, after which we played games in the Refectory. During the evening we were delighted by a visit from Father Howard, of Grimsby, and Father Daniel (who people here will persist in calling Father Lions, such is suggestions) so the cloth was well represented at the party. article: Donald Hole, 'The Veneration of Images' (end of part 1, and part 2) photograph: looking into the Holy House from the Shrine church [above]