Our Lady's Mirror

October 1926

This number of the 'Mirror' is being made up in France, and no news has arrived from the Shrine in these Southern regions, except that members of the Federation of Catholic Priests of the Norwich Diocese made a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Walsingham on her birthday. It was a great disappointment that the Archbishop Seraphim was prevented from coming to the August Pilgrimage as arranged, as he had to go to a conference in Paris. It is becoming increasingly difficult to house the growing number of pilgrims who seek this sanctuary, and some new arrangements will have to be evolved before next May. The pilgrimage secretarial work has become very heavy, and we shall need a reception bureau as well as the secretaryship. On account of health the Parish Priest of Walsingham [Fr Patten] is away [in France], and no letters addressed to the Vicarage are being forwarded. He does not anticipate seeing this correspondence until December. article: Bishop Henson of Durham, 'Pilgrimage', being a reprint of an article in the Evening Standard, 1 Sept 1926, and Fr Patten's critique of it, 'The Durham Paper' (click here to read in full) photograph: arrival of pilgrims in the Common Place, 1926 [above] gifts: from offerings made at the Shrine a pair of brass candelabra are being made in Belgium to hang at the Shrine