Our Lady's Mirror

Spring 1928

St George's Altar Walsingham Parish Church
We had hoped to have given a picture of the Society's new banner; it was finished in time for Easter but so far we have not been able to obtain a good enough photograph. The banner has been made free of charge for us, and is a memorial to Miss Alice Hussey, one of the first members and a benefactress. At so many pilgrimage churches abroad innumerable bannerets hang high up in the roof inscribed with the names of the parishes or societies with the dates of their visits. It would be nice if this could be done at Walsingham. We believe such bannerets could be made from 25s [£1.25] upwards by the enterprising ladies from among our pilgrims. Mr Oliver Richards, of our Society, who has done so much for the music at Walsingham in connection with the pilgrimages, has been appointed organist and choir master of St Margaret's Church, Liverpool. "'The Walsingham Pilgrims' Manual' has been published and can be had from the Church and Pilgrim Shop, Walsingham, post free 1/6 [7.5p]. It is, however, to be included in the pilgrim ticket in future, so that each person taking a place in any of the organised visits to Walsingham, will be provided with a ticket, a badge and a 'Manual'." article: A.L., 'Our Lady of Schreiboom at Ghent in Belgium' photograph: S George's altar, Walsingham parish church [above]