Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1929 Winter 1930

Refectory pulpit in the Priory
Autumn 1929 Winter 1930 Number Winter Number 1929 Spring Summer 1929
There are four main pilgrimages this year [the LOL, the Catholic League, the Yorkshire and the Priests' Pilgrimage] and we are very anxious to concentrate as far as possible on these, rather than have many smaller pilgrimages during the summer. The Committee find that it is very difficult to arrange for small parties at the advertised prices, and there have been times when we have been out of pocket in expenses. A new flag has been given to replace the present one on St Mary's Tower flown at festivals and pilgrimages. The old one is being cut up and made into souvenirs attached to cards, which people may like to have in their prayer books. Some visitors will remember the design for a rood that was in St. Mary's during the summer [1929]. This has been taken down and we are now trying to raise funds for a permanent structure. It has been suggested that some among the Pilgrims might like to buy this temporary rood for a Mission Church. St Augustine's Hospice, which was opened last year, is going to be taken over in March by the Benedictines of Nashdom, who will use it as a cell or rest house. They will be prepared to accommodate men pilgrims and visitors during the summer. IMPORTANT: The Council of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham has passed a resolution, that from now onwards Priests who enter the State of Matrimony are not eligible for membership of the Society. article: reprint of a piece from the Tablet, November 30th 1929, about an English statue of Our Lady smuggled to Italy in the sixteenth century and left at Anzio, questioning whether this could have been a copy of the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham. There are no illustrations in this issue: one of Enid Chadwick's drawings is shown above gifts: a little ship, given by a sailor, and it now hangs above the canopy of the Shrine; a larger two-masted ship, about 100 years old, given by a lady who has made many sea journeys, and it hangs in the middle of the Shrine, i.e. the Chapel