Our Lady's Mirror

Spring 1934

looking into the Holy House through its window
The relics of the Holy Cross have duly arrived are are enshrined in a cross of silver decorated with jewels. On the day of its reception an altar was erected at the foot of the great cross on Calvary in the grounds, and there the relic was "watched" until the procession came from the Shrine to escort it to the Sanctuary. The relic was then carried amid lights and with appropriate singing to the Holy House. The rails round the steps leading to the Well are now in place; at first no one liked them, but we are growing to appreciate the arrangement, and they are most suitable for the building. In the Holy House on the feast of Corpus Christi, after the Rosary, in the presence of the Clergy of the Parish, the Sisters and two friends, the religious habit was given to Sister Mary Phillida, R. She is testing her vocation to the life of a Recluse, having been here on probation for seven months. After the clothing, Sister was led in procession to her cell which has been built in the grounds of the Hospice and with its little garden is enclosed by a fence of wattle hurdles. This was blessed, and after some special prayers and a final blessing, she was left to her seclusion. The rule is one of prayer, work and silence; but differs from that of the ancient Anchorines in that she leaves the enclosure for Mass, Rosary and Benediction, and some other devotional exercises.Visitors and others meeting a gray-habited religious with a black veil, in and around the precincts of the Sanctuary, are asked to respect her rule of silence and on no pretext to speak to her. She will pray much for us all, and we must keep her by our intercessions. article: 'Relics of the Saints' There are no illustrations in this issue: one of Enid Chadwick's drawings is shown above (looking into the Holy House through its window) wants: full plain cottas (no lace), men's size; plain albs and amices and girdles