Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1937

The High Altar of the Parish Church
The buildings of the Chapel are progressing at a wonderful pace and as we write the roof of the Nave is going on, and the apsidal East end is nearly completed. Unfortunately, the architect reports that the ancient foundations must all be enclosed in a crypt if they are to be preserved. One-third has already been so covered – as this extends beneath the Extension, but the remaining part MUST be done and it will cost us £700 extra. It is a most anxious and worrying task for those on the spot and responsible, to venture on the work of restoring the Shrine at all, in the present state of the English Church, and when it comes to collecting money for building, necessary as it is for the work, it becomes a nightmare. But when on the top of all this an unexpected sum, so small to many, but such a mountain to us, has suddenly to be found, it makes one almost gasp in despair. Especially is this so as we realise how absolutely essential to the future stability of the Shrine and its work is the formation of a College of Priests to administer it, and that this cannot be commenced, although there are Priests wishing to come, until the few necessary buildings required to house them adequately, can be put up. And then this immediate need arises for £700 to cover up the foundations. Of course, from an archæological and historical point of view (but, above all, when we realise that they are considered by many to be the actual remains of the original Shrine), there seems little doubt as to what we ought to do, but we ask you – How? Arrangements are being made for the opening of the new buildings on Whit Monday, June 6th, when we trust that ALL the friends of Walsingham will make it their aim to be present. Parties of pilgrims are already being organised and the Secretary is arranging for a fleet of buses to come from London. He has got quotations for the unusually low rate of 7/6 return for one day. The Hospice and houses in the village are already being booked by those who wish to stay for the week- end or for the night. For those who cannot do the journey in one day, out and back, and who are making up parties to come in private cars, accommodation should be booked as soon as possible in the neighbouring Hotels: The Black Lion, Walsingham; The Crown Hotel*, Wells (five miles distant); The Blakeney Hotel*, Blakeney (eight miles); The Manor House Hotel*, Blakeney (eight miles); The Trust House, Holkham (seven miles); The Crown Hotel, Fakenham; and the Lion Hotel, Fakenham (five miles). (Those marked with an asterisk are the best in the neighbourhood.) A list of Inns around Walsingham where beds can be had will be obtainable later on. It is suggested that groups of Scouts and Guides and others might like to come and form Camps, bicycle down or come by train or bus. Any troops wishing to do this should write to us AT ONCE, so that suitable fields can be booked. NOTICE There are two copies of the Mirror missing from our set at Walsingham: Autumn, 1933, and Autumn, 1934. Will anyone possessing these copies send them to us so that our set can be complete at the Shrine? [Autumn 1933 was not published, the second issue of 1933 being named 'Spring & Summer & Autumn', and it seems likely that Autumn 1934 was not, either.] articles: 'Visit of the Most Reverend Seraphim, Orthodox Eastern Bishop in Western Europe'; 'Notes on the Abbey of Laleham' illustration: Enid Chadwick's drawing of the high altar of the parish church [above]