Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1938

View across Sanctuary from north side
This summer has seen a great increase in the number of visitors to the Holy House. Eight thousand came in the month of August alone; and over thirty thousand during the year. Among those making the pilgrimage have been H.H. Princess Marie Louise, who spent over an hour and a half in the Pilgrimage Church. The Bishop of the Windward Isles has also been, while the Bishop of Nyassaland spent a long time in the Holy House during a two-day visit to the neighbourhood. A Walsingham Film A film on the Walsingham Pilgrimage is being prepared by the A.C.C. and should be of interest in parishes were it is desired to develop the devotion to Our Lady. Application should be made to the A.C.C. Office, Abbey House, Westminster. Several lectures are to be given again this Autumn and early new year. Others can be organised if those desiring them take care to apply to the Pilgrimage Society and suggest possible dates. Lantern slides can be shown. DO YOU KNOW? 1. That there are signs in the neighbourhood of Walsingham on the official finger posts directing the pilgrim to The Shrine? 2. That farthings are becoming popular with pilgrims as offerings at the Holy House. 3. That the first installation of the Guardians of the Shrine took place on Monday, November 7th, when the Official Mantle of the College was used for the first time? 4. That the Franciscans (R.C.) in Walsingham are about to build a great Pilgrim Church here, 190 feet long, and rumour says they have got £20,000 already in hand for it, but of this, of course, we cannot vouch. 5. That the combined number of English Catholic and Roman Catholic pilgrims and visitors this season amounts to 80,000. How splendid! All come back to Walsingham to do honour to Our Lady. HYMN TO OUR LADY OF WALSINGHAM 1. How sweet thou art, my Mother, A wayside Lily fair, Whose beauty all may cherish Whose fragrance all can share; We sing the praises that are thine, Thou Mother of Our Lord Divine. 2. How pure thou art, my Mother, The grace that from Thee flows Is like the dew of Sharon, And thou art Sharon’s Rose. O Mystic Rose the hour draws near When every man shall hold Thee dear! 3. O Mary, Joyous, Mother, O House of Gold most rare, Strong Refuge of poor sinners, To Thee we lift our prayer. Pour down the showers of Thy grace On pilgrims to this Holy Place. 4. For see, thou Spotless Mother Thy scattered children come, Once more to bring their homage To Walsingham, Thy home, The Home of every child of thine, Sweet Walsingham, our ancient Shrine. articles: G.W., 'Religion in Rouen'; 'Still have you come' [a poem] photograph: view across the Sanctuary from the north side of the Shrine church [above]; a sketch of the foundations discovered on the site of the Shrine Church during building work