Our Lady's Mirror

Summer 1939

The Guardians proceeding to Chapter
Life at the Shrine has been rather hectic for the last three months with a stream of pilgrimages, although there have not been so many visitors this year as before; this is partly owing to the state of Europe and partly due to the weather, both of which have not been too good. The Whit-Monday pilgrimage was a very happy event. About twelve hundred people, besides private pilgrims and trippers, visited the Holy House. As we have said before, we trust this will become an annual event. Father Deakin brought a parochial pilgrimage from S. Augustine’s, Queen’s Gate, and the opportunity was taken of installing him in his place in Choir, for although he has been a Guardian of the Shrine for several years it has not been possible to arrange this ceremony before. On the following day, Sunday, July 9th, the Duke of Argyll and Mr. John Banson were also invested and installed, although both have been members of the College for the past eight years. These events make the lack of proper stalls sadly felt and it has been suggested that these might be made and put up in sections rather than wait for the complete set. They would, of course, have to go in sequence on account of the joinery. S. Hilary is at Walsingham and already the children are digging themselves into the life of the village. The invasion occurred early in June, six boys and five girls and their Mother. At the Chapter of the College, the Guardians definitely decided to adopt the Home as part of the organisation of the Sanctuary, and although they are the Governors of the Home they are not, of course, personally responsible for the finances, so we hope that all pilgrims and friends of Walsingham will add a mite to their already generous donations to the Shrine for the maintenance of these children. It is going to cost us at least £400 a year to support this family and we are entirely dependent upon charity. This is a work which all Catholics will like to help in, and it seems right that children should throng the House of Our Lady, especially those who have suffered so much owing to the Protestant aggression in their Cornish Home at S. Hilary. articles: P P Bernard, 'Le Mystere de Marie'; 'Wanderings' photograph: St Hilary's family; The Guardians proceeding to Chapter through the Shrine grounds [above]