Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1942

The Shrine prepared for a requiem: without the catafalque
Owing to the black-out all the evening services of the Parish are again being held in the Pilgrimage Church. THE PRIORY OF OUR LADY The life of the Walsingham Sisters is going on with that quiet regularity and peaceful happiness which are to be associated with the religious state. Improvements have been made to the community house and a part of the Shrine grounds allotted to their private use. October 31 was the first anniversary of the foundation of the Walsingham Priory. On account of the Vigil of All Saints this commemoration was observed on the previous day, October 30, as a dies non for the community with a solemn Mass beautifully sung by the Sisters. The Hospice – the Pilgrimage and Priory Guest Home – is still open and at the moment there are two vacancies for permanent (war-time) visitors from within the military zone. We have been told over the wireless that the ban restricting this district has been lifted for the winter months, as last year. Warning. We very much regret to have to warn all our friends not to lend money or assist in any way a woman who is going round asking people to help her to come to Walsingham either in order to see the Warden about the post of Matron to the Home, or who says that she is the Matron. Information should be given to Father Patten at once before giving any aid to this person. She has been a great nuisance to the authorities of the Home and has already been summonsed for entering the restricted area. articles: obituary of Fr Frank Burnett; Donald Hole, 'The Veneration of Images' (part 1) photographs: the Shrine prepared for a requiem - without the catafalque [above]; chapel on HMS Barham as arranged by Fr Burnett