Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1944

St Ann’s chapel and the image of St Charles
The ban has been lifted, and so, although travelling is still difficult, it is now possible for pilgrims to visit the Shrine and to come to Walsingham in fulfilment of their vows and promises. The Hospice has been and seems likely to be full, in consequence of the removal of this restriction, and prospective pilgrims should book early. Already arrangements for pilgrimages are being made. Some improvements have been made to the pilgrims’ refectory. Windows have been altered, and a kitchen constructed at the end so that much labour in carrying, etc., will be avoided in the future. The ground behind the Knight Street cottages is being levelled, and two terraces made, in preparation for the priests who we hope will be forming a College here after the war. At the moment this primaeval forest of weeds is dignified by the name of the “garden cloister”! At the same time adaptations are slowly progressing in the Administrator’s Quad, and it is already taking on quite a new aspect. We hope in the next number to give a picture of what it is and what it was. We have had to close the Pilgrimage Shop as it is so difficult to find the right person to run it, and it needs someone constantly on the spot. The Pilgrimage Office was moved some time ago to St. Augustine’s, and the outer office has books and medals, etc., for sale, and these can be obtained there. The Kiosk in the garden is still open, and under the direction of our good friend, Miss Doyle Smithe. Talking about the Hospice, it is very important now that we hope shortly to return to normal conditions to point out that this house is for the accommodation of pilgrims and not ordinary visitors. All who stay at the Hospice therefore are expected to make the pilgrimage; for those who do not so desire there is always the Black Lion Hotel and other accommodation in the neighbourhood. It is not meant by this that we do not welcome those who wish to combine a period of rest with pilgrimage to the Shrine, but we do want to ward off those who are not coming for this devotion. THE SCHOOL The new term began on September 14th and at the time of writing we have as many boys as our limited space can hold, but we are anticipating a move into larger and more commodious premises in the not too remote future. articles: 'Chaplains of the Holy House'; 'The Walsingham Pilgrimage'; Colin Stephenson, 'Father Kenrick's Pilgrimage to Walsingham' photographs: St Ann's chapel and the image of S Charles [above]