Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn and Winter 1947-8

The Fynes-Clinton Chantry
Autumn and Winter Number 1947-8 Winter Number 1947 Spring/Summer Number 1947
The Administrator had ten days in August-September touring in the car – a good rest and change – visiting many places of interest in the North of England, Carlisle, Cartmel, Lannercost, Hexham, Durham and York. The thing that is so remarkable is the liturgical revival in these ancient centres of devotion. During the early Autumn two branches of the Mothers’ Union made the Little Pilgrimage to the Shrine – the anxiety of the Catholics, either Enrolling Members or other, to bring members of the Union to the Shrine is growing – several groups having been during the Summer. One hopes it will be a spiritual benefit to such. On September 11th we had the very great pleasure of welcoming four Serbian students and their priest, Father Nicholas; they stayed with us for a fortnight and I think we all enjoyed the visit. They are studying at Dorchester Missionary College. During their time here the Orthodox Evensong was sung twice and the Divine Liturgy offered on several occasions. We wish we had a house which could be used as a Hospice with an Orthodox man and woman in charge, and perhaps a priest, so that the Liturgy could be regularly sung in their Chapel. In September, members of the C.B.S. made the first official pilgrimage to the Shrine, and we all felt it was about time, too, since they have their own chapel here above the High Altar, where the Most Holy is usually reserved. High Mass was sung at 11.30 and Father Carleton delivered a most opportune and useful oration. Later in the day, Vespers of the Blessed Sacrament were sung and Benediction given. October the 15th, the sixteenth anniversary of the opening of the new buildings, or, as we call it locally, “The Translation of Our Lady of Walsingham”, was observed as a High Day at the Shrine. Solemn Benediction was given on the Eve, and High Mass was sung on the day itself – when a large number of people from the village, who are devoted to Our Lady of Walsingham, assisted. On November 6th the Guardians held their Autumn Chapter, by the kind invitation of Father Whitby, at St. Mary’s Presbytery, Sloane Square. It was a horribly foggy day – nevertheless the attendance was good and much business was done. On the same day an interesting function took place in the Court Room at the Cutlers’ Hall in the City, when Lord Norton, on behalf of the Fellows of the College of Guardians, presented the Master with a painting of his portrait – by Mr. Perera, the distinguished Cingalese [Sinhalese] artist. Speeches were made by Lord Norton, Father Lester Pinchard and Archbishop Sava of Grodna, and the Master. Amongst those present were the Archimandrite Nicholas Gibbes, Prince Galitzine, Dr. Bolshakov, a number of priests, amongst whom was the old friend of Walsingham, Father Wilfred Leeds, and others. The hosts of the evening were Father Fynes-Clinton and Sir William Milner. A visit has been made recently to the College by representatives of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings. They were most interested in the adaptation of old cottages for the use of the College – and expressed great admiration for the Hall. They told us that both the Hall and the Library are not later than 1500, perhaps the former considerably earlier. They are anxious for us to proceed in saving the other condemned cottages from destruction but we fear that without the necessary funds the winds and rain of the coming winter will do damage beyond repair. The visitors said these should be scheduled as amongst the ancient monuments of the village. Readers of the Bursar’s Financial Report for 1946-47 are mystified by the announcement in payments of the following item:- Purchase of Mirrors … … … £135.4.4. Why are so many glasses needed? are they for the Sacristy? are they for the Priests’ College? or is each lady pilgrim presented with a hand mirror for her vanity bag? The answer is, nothing of the kind – but that it costs £135.4s.4d. to produce the “Mirror” each year and if you will look at the receipt side you will see you only contribute £61.8s.7d. of this sum, so that £73.5s.9d. has to be found from somewhere. IF you are to have your copy. What about it? articles: H W W, 'A Unique Pilgrimage'; RL Gales, 'Litany of Our Lady'; G D Carleton, 'The Mother of Jesus was there'; Fr Colin Stephenson, 'St Mary Roncevall'; 'On Medieval Colleges of Canons Secular'; I H B, 'Our Lady and Wales'; 'St Saviour's Priory'; Fr A H Baverstock, 'Some of my early recollections, number 1' photographs: The Fynes-Clinton Chantry [above]; The Master's Chain and Jewel; portrait of Fr Patten by Perera; The Common Place; sketch of pilgrimage church from St Thomas' chapel; The Priory Church, Haggerston