Our Lady's Mirror

Summer 1955

Memorial to William Frary
The stalls in the choir are a wonderful addition to the beauty of the Pilgrimage Church, and we are all so grateful to Enid Chadwick for emblazing the arms of the donors. The amount of time she gives to the beautifying of the Shrine Church is incredible and so few realise it; Guardians and all of us are deeply indebted to Miss Chadwick while not forgetting that she does it for the honour of Our Lady. We have now sixteen stalls in situ and that was the number originally decided upon, but there are twenty Guardians which means four without official seats in choir. Some day we hope a generous donor will come forward and present them – or a pair – as they must be made in groups of not less than two. There has been a continual flow of pilgrimages and visitors since Easter this year, and the village has been kept alive with bands of people coming to pray at the Shrine and the Slipper Chapel. The village has been subject to drastic excavations, as at last a system of drainage is being put in for Walsingham and the neighbouring district, so our streets have looked awful and the noise has been terrific! The plans for this were made many years ago but the work had to be postponed owing to the “embargo on works of a capital nature by the Central Government; after much agitation on the part of our local Councillors and the working out of a memorandum giving details of the number of people both staying in and visiting Walsingham, the Central Government was convinced of the urgency of the matter and work is now progressing. It will cost somewhere in the nature of £60,000 . . .” Fortunately for once this is not an appeal to our readers for contributions!!! The Guardians held their Annual Summer Chapter at Walsingham in June; some fifteen of the Fellows were present. The photograph (the first taken of the College of Guardians) on this page [not reproduced here, but click here to see it on the main archives website: **key below] will be of interest to all readers, unfortunately funds will not allow us to give a coloured picture and so the effect of the lovely blue velvet and scarlet silk lining of the mantles is lost in a black and white print. This “vesture” has to be supplied by each Guardian on his installation and becomes upon his death or retirement the property of the Shrine. **Standing l to r: Fr Lester Pinchard; Fr John Twisaday; Fr Lingwood (Bursar); Fr Crusha; Lord Norton; Fr Roger Wodehouse; Fr Colin Stephenson; Sir William Milner; Fr Raynes CR; The Hon Patrick Maitland MP; Mr George Long; Sir John Shaw; Sitting: Fr Fynes-Clinton and Fr Hope Patten (Master). On Thursday, July 28th, the Reverend Mother of St. Saviour’s Priory, Haggerston, paid a short visit to the Walsingham house, and in the evening she laid the foundation stone of the new Priory here. These buildings are going up almost like magic, and there is every prospect of the roof being on shortly and the possibility of their occupation at least in the New Year. The Sisters require all sorts of things, both for their house and garden; so please don’t forget them. We give a picture of William’s memorial [above], set up on the little piece of ground we call his garden. It consists of a pent-house in which is a beautiful pieta and the inscription reads:- ALL YOU WHO PASS BY PRAY FOR WILLIAM FRARY Jesu Mercy Mary Help Died August 15, 1953. Aged 49 Devoted to God. Loyal friend. Constant in service to pilgrims. To know William was to love him and his memory will be green to many of us all our lives; perhaps there are still a few friends who have not contributed to this memorial who might like to give some plants or shrubs for “his garden”? Below are some important matters which we ask all readers of the Mirror to especially read, mark and inwardly digest. It is some time since we reminded readers of the Mirror that there is a Chantry Roll at the Shrine, and there may be many who do not realise that it is possible to endow Masses for their departed relations and friends, and, indeed, for themselves – by Will. For the sum of £20 a Mass is said on or near the anniversary each year, and in addition a share is had in the monthly Requiem “for all on the Chantry Roll” and in the annual Solemn Requiem in November. The name is inscribed on one of the panels in the Chantry Chapel of Edward I. Alternatively, a payment of £1. 1s. ensures a share in the monthly and annual Requiems only, this amount not being sufficient to endow a Mass in perpetuo. We have had to put down some more blocks for the large votive candles in the Holy House, as our waiting list was getting longer and longer. However this does not necessarily mean that people will now be able to have their candles erected as soon as they are ordered; we have to limit the number of candles lit at 6 o’clock each evening on account of the smoke in that confined space. The fixing of sconces to the outside walls of the Holy House is being considered, and perhaps some parishes would like to provide their own so that there need be no delay in putting up their candle. The prices of the large candles have for some time been 50/- and £1, the former lasting a year or more. It is also possible to arrange for small candles costing from 2d. to 5/- to be lit for one’s intention, either once or for a definite period; in fact some people pay for a 2d. candle daily for one year. To endow a lamp permanently costs £100, and then a lamp is kept burning for that person for ever. Otherwise a lamp can be lit for a limited period at the following prices: day and night, one week 5/-, one month £1, one year £12, or half-price for day only. Requests for candles and lamps should be sent to the Shrine Office and not to the Hospice or Shop. This also applies to intercessions; these should not be addressed to any particular person, but if the envelope is marked “Intercessions” in the corner then the secretary responsible will deal with them, and this may also save delay. If addressed to an individual and that person happens to be away, it sometimes means weeks before the matter can be attended to. Any petition which it is especially desired should remain in the book for longer than three weeks can be renewed for one more period. articles: 'The Little Office of BVM'; 'Some reminiscences of the Chapel of St Basil at Bruges'; Martin Wakelin, 'Stevington - The Holy Well'; Cyril Pennicott, 'The True Devotion of St Louis-Marie de Montfort'; Master of Lauderdale, 'Our Lady of Tinos'; photographs: memorial to William Frary [above]; Guardians at June Chapter; Comper window of Our Lady crowned, in the Shrine church; painting of Agnus Dei by Anthony Baynes; interior of the Chapel at Bruges, and the Palais de Justice; icon of Our Lady of Tinos