Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1957

The Jolly Tinners, S Hilary, Cornwall
Today the twenty-sixth anniversary of the Translation of Our Lady of Walsingham to the rebuilt Shrine of the Holy House (October 15th) dawned rather mistily and like any other lovely autumn morning, but soon the sun broke through and we are enjoying a glorious October day. High Mass was sung in the Pilgrimage Church followed by a visit to the Holy House which was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights, and this evening we are hoping to have Benediction and Te Deum to thank God for the gift our Heavenly Mother and all the graces and other favours she has procured for us by her prayers. A card arrived from Father Colin Stephenson of the Cell of St Mary Magdalen, Oxford, to tell us that they are having a procession this evening in honour of OLW in line with the festivities here in Walsingham. Such kind messages are a joy to us and encourage us on our way. Quite one of the most wonderful pilgrimages we have had for may a long year came this October, and consisted of thirty blind people accompanied by thirty attendant pilgrims and others. The Mirror is often a very long time in being delivered to the office after the copy has been completed owing to all sorts of unforseen circumstances, and so a note in the last number written in June and overlooked in the proof reading said that the Administrator had been ordered away for a complete rest again; this was true but old copy, for he went away for six weeks in the month after it was written, returning just before the Assumption, and is greatly benefited by his rest and sojourn in the glorious sun found in southern regions. We apologise to our readers for the late notice in the Summer Number which has unfortunately caused unnecessary anxiety. The extension to the Hospice and the new gate house is much appreciated by visitors. Why not come to Walsingham for Christmas? With all the new improvements and central heating the most tender subjects can find a warm abode; besides, Christmas at the Shrine is something not to be missed. articles: sermon by Fr Thomas, OSB, October 7th; Our Lady's Shrine, Milwaukee, USA; R Turner-Cole, 'Our Lady and her Regencies'; Anthony W Wheeler, 'Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury'; A T John Salter, 'Robed Statues' photographs: The Jolly Tinners, Cornwall [above]; the College of St Augustine; statue of St Augustine; Christmas party at St Hilary's; Our Lady's Shrine, Milwaukee, USA; seal of Glastonbury Abbey