Our Lady's Mirror

Spring 1932

The Sanctuary garden is becoming a real problem; there is so very much to do to get it in even normal order. We will only be able to work on one-third of it this year. The part being put in order is the "Piscena Lawn", as we expect it will come to be called, as it has become necessary to make a small bath here in which the sick can bathe their limbs. The water is to be pumped from the Sanctuary to the piscina in the garden. The lawn is in front of the Hatcham Crucifix, which now has a comfortable wooden prie Dieu at its foot, the gift of one of Guardians. We have got into hot water from more than one donor for publishing names; at the same time, we are told that readers like to hear about gifts as they come; so we must in future as a general rule mention no names. A very beautiful crucifix, made by the well-known artist Martin Travers, has been sent to the Shrine by one of the Guardians; it has been hung in the Holy House at the west end, facing the altar. A very beautiful model of a ship in full sail has been given by one who served his apprenticeship in her. A pilgrim has paid for another of the Sanctuary windows and has chosen the first of the series, Richeldis. Unfortunately Mr Comper is very busy just now and cannot promise to send it for some little time. What may be looked on as an historic relic is the Abbatial staff of the late Father Ignatius of Llanthony. A great friend of the Father's asked that this staff might be treasured in the Sanctuary of her who was so loved by Fr Ignatius. [This staff was given, as seemed appropriate, into the keeping of the Fr Ignatius Memorial Trust in 1999.] There are eighteen Guardians of the Sanctuary. The Constitution provides for twenty-four, but these vacancies will not be filled until the October Chapter. There are one hundred and twenty-five Priest Associates of the Holy House. Miss Elsie Lloyd has resigned the Secretaryship which she has filled for the last ten years. The pilgrimage and pilgrims owe a lot to her unceasing toil and forethought, and she will be very much missed. However, after ten years of voluntary work perhaps we should all want a rest. article: 'The Pilgrim' [a story] photograph: The Shrine Church after its opening in 1931 [above]
The Shrine entrance after the Translation in 1931