Our Lady's Mirror

Summer 1932

Pilgrims in the Shrine gardens processing to the Holy Well
During May and the opening weeks of June we have had five pilgrimages. The Society of Mary started, with their annual May pilgrimage; in the following week the Catholic League arrived, and numbers were greatly increased by a contingent from Norwich. This pilgrimage was somewhat marred by a very disgraceful and sacrilegious brawn [sic] made in the parish church by the followers of Mr Kensit. The first of the weekend pilgrimages this year came from SS Peter and Paul, Teddington, and St John's, Isle of Dogs. The party arrived on the Saturday evening by motor bus, reaching Walsingham about 8.30 pm, when the "first visit" was made. Following a day which included the parish mass, the Stations, intercessions, the waters, Benediction, a talk, and short "last visit", the party left. Such a pilgrimage opens the way to many (especially people who are in business all the week) to salute Our Lady of Walsingham, have a good motor run, and spend most of Sunday in the country. We hope many others will follow this programme. On Thursday June 16th a large party of the Norfolk and Norwich Architects' Association came to visit; this of course was not a pilgrimage. They were very enthusiastic over the buildings, and indeed a great number of people express their delight and ask who our architects are. A wooden building is being put up as a temporary sacristy and lock-up place for the Sanctuary, as it was becoming more and more impossible for the Sacristan to carry on with the work with no room for anything. Did any members of the Society see the "Daily Mirror" on Monday, the 13th of June, when entirely without our invitation they very generously gave us the whole back page for illustrations of the pilgrimage, and a very appreciative article on the developments here recently? IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The Pilgrimage Management much regrets having to announce that under no circumstances can pilgrims be accommodated who bring dogs, or cats, or other pets. Rooms have been lost to the Committee by pilgrims arriving with pets. Those who come so accompanied MUST MAKE THEIR OWN ARRANGEMENTS BEFOREHAND, and rooms reserved by the Management for visitors who arrive with birds or animals WILL NOT BE AT THEIR DISPOSAL. article: 'The Holy Well' [a story] photograph: Pilgrims in the Shrine gardens processing to the Holy Well. gifts: a beautiful feretory for the relics of S Vincent; the relics are to be enshrined in the Novum Opus, as the outer Church was called by William of Worcester in the fifteenth century. Two more Stations; a donation for the completion of the Sepulchre.