Our Lady's Mirror

Summer 1948

The Priory, and Hospice beyond
You will have noticed how late the news was in the notes of the last number of the “Mirror”; this was owing to pressure of work both at our end and at the printers’, so that by the time the copy was in your hands it was all old “news”. We are very sorry, but hope you prefer old copy to none at all. On Whit Monday the much talked of Pilgrimage of Reparation for the South Indian Schism came to the Shrine, it being made up of groups from all parts of the country. The pilgrimage was very well attended, and the Sanctuary was packed almost to its limits (standing room only), and there was a second Mass in the piscina garden at the same time as the one in the Church. We were fortunate in have a gloriously sunny day. Father Howard gave the oration. The procession, which went right through and round the village, concluding with Benediction. The gardens are really lovely this year, thanks to William’s great energy and zeal. Spring flowers were delightful, and now, in July, the grounds are “just great”. We have added to our staff – three ladies and two males; they are all very happy, it seems, and have settled down very well. They have a little dwelling up by the greenhouse, and you can hear their homely grunts as you wend your way through the gardens. Hams, chops, sides of bacon, sausages, all loom up before us in our dreams, but alas, there is a cloud, and it is the outstretched and open hand of the Food Officer claiming his very much more than a pound of flesh. The Bursar is on holiday, following the footsteps of his Patron S. Patrick in old Ireland. He badly needed a real rest, and we hope he will get the full benefit of it. Work has begun again on the walls of S. Joseph’s Chapel, and the story of the Foster Father of Our Lord is being depicted in gold and colour, making this corner of the Church a little like the lower Church at Assisi in its tones and effect. Scapulars are now available. Would members of S.O.L.W. who have never had theirs kindly apply to the Shrine Office? No payment is necessary (except 1s. from those who want a second scapular to replace an old one), but it would greatly facilitate work in the Office if a stamped addressed envelope were sent. Members belonging to Cells will doubtless apply through their secretaries. LEST WE FORGET – “The Bells of the Shrine” Top Row: 1. S. George of England pray for Reunion - “Constance Richie gave me”. – 1931 2. S. Andrew, O.P.N. In mem: Alfred Patten – R.I.P. XV. V. MCMXVII 3. S. Alban, O.P.N 4. S. BENEDICTUS, O.P.N. MCMXXXI Second Row: 1. AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA, O.P.N. et VERONICA, S.S.P. MCMXXXI 2. S. Peter, O.P.N. Rejoice – William Leeke, Priest – R.I.P. 3. S. Francis of Assisi, O.P.N. “And bless Ye my Lord and give Him thanks”. MCMXXXI 4. S. Hugh of Lincoln, O.P.N. MCMXXXI 5. S. Patrick, O.P.N. “Derrick gave me”. In mem: Ann Ayres – R.I.P. MCMXXXI articles: A H P, 'The Walsingham Friary'; report from the Sacred Synod held in the Cathedral Church of St Peter, Likoma; 'Chronic Nursing'; A J-M, 'Benedicite' [article about birds in Walsingham]; 'The Abbey of Fontevrault'; 'The Bursar takes a holiday'; Fr Alban Baverstock, 'Some Early Recollections, continued'; John H Brewer, 'Pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady at Kunan, Gold Coast'; D T Glassford, 'The Assumption' [poem]; 'On the road to Walsingham' [hymn] photographs: The Priory, and Hospice beyond [above]; College Arms over the Administrator's door; ruins of Little Cloister, Walsingham Friary; another picture of the Friary; 15th century shop fronts in situ in College buildings; the bells; Happy Days! - an unidentified early Scout group; relic of St Francis at Carceri