Our Lady's Mirror

Autumn 1948

Looking across the Shrine courtyard in winter
The Administrator has had a breakdown, and on the advice of his doctor has had to be away from home for two months’ complete rest. He has now returned, but is taking an extension and will be away from home possibly until Christmas. This only goes to emphasise the statement so frequently made in these pages that the strain of three parishes, together with the responsibility, work and worries of the Shrine, is far to much for two priests, and the need for more help is only too obvious. This summer there has been a constant stream of pilgrimages and we are getting back to pre-war numbers. The Hospice has been very full all through the season. The Assumption, which is the Patronal feast of the parish of Little Walsingham, was a most happy event, and quite like the old days. The Sacraments were well used and the church thronged for the Procession of Our Lady and High Mass; a social gathering was held in the Shrine Gardens in the afternoon, and the annual outing was made on the Monday in the Octave. Three further gifts have been made recently; a silver jug for the Lavabo, also another relic of the Holy Cross in a beautiful reliquary. These from Father Fynes-Clinton, who has further added to the beauty of S. John’s Chapel by having an aumbry made, closed by an iron grill in which the relic of the Holy Cross is enshrined. During the war years the Administrator asked for donations to provide a black frontal for the High Altar. He got the money at once but was unable to procure the material; that must be four years ago. However, he was able this summer to find just what was wanted, but it had to be dyed and now we hope to have the frontal in use shortly. We fear donors must have wondered what had happened to their money, but it was safe, and although not increased in sum it has fulfilled the purpose for which it was given. Of course, it is said that "it never rains but it pours". So after six years as Matron of the Home Miss Milliken has at last resigned. Ever since the family moved to the new house she has warned us of a possibility of a change, but we had become used to these rumblings and took little notice of them. We shall all miss "Millie", as everyone called her, and the absence of her splash of colour will darken the long winter months. Miss Bartholomew has bravely stepped into the breach, and we hope she will settle with us, and that the work will develop under her leadership. articles: 'The Annunciation to the Mother of God'; J G Whitehead, 'Un Saint à canoniser'; Fr Franklin Joiner, 'Shrine of Our Lady of Clemency, St Clement's, Philadelphia'; R L G, 'Twelfth Night' [poem]; Likahad Prvulovic, 'Devotion to Our Lady in Serbia'; list of the incumbents of Little Walsingham from 1494; S J Forrest, 'Fantasy' [humorous poem]; 'The Bursar takes a holiday, continued' photographs: looking across the Shrine courtyard in winter [above]; another picture of the Shrine entrance under snow; cloister at the Friary; St George's porch, Shrine church; picture described as "S Hugh of Lincoln - a juvenile painting by the Administrator"; an African image of Our Lady