Our Lady's Mirror

Spring 1950

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, on North wall outside the Shrine church
The early part of the year was overshadowed for many of us by the serious illness of Father Fynes-Clinton, who had to be taken off to S. George’s Hospital at great speed, where he had to undergo an operation. All his friends, and they are very many, especially those connected with Walsingham, will be glad to hear of his wonderful recovery. Another of our Guardians has been seriously ill again, Father Alban Baverstock and he is far from strong. He too is a devoted client to O.L.W. and one that can ill be spared. A gallery of photographs is being formed in the College consisting of Guardians of the Holy House past and present; it will be of great value and interest in years to come. The Pilgrimage Church is in the hands of the cleaners, and although they are quiet and as good as gold, we are living in very uncomfortable conditions at the moment. S. Mary’s, the Parish Church of Walsingham, has had electric light installed, and in such a way that the beauty of the Church has not been marred and without making a glare when the lights are in full use; a careful arrangement of shading has been used. The architect, Mr Tolhurst, is to be congratulated on the result. We are beginning to get some more natural light in the Pilgrimage Church and a start is being made by inserting a round window in the South transept gable; this will, we hope, flood the Orthodox Chapel and the Choir with the bright beams of gladsome day. There are on our lists twenty Cells of the Society; and it would be good if members of the Society in their neighbourhood would link up with them and so get the benefit of their activities. We hope many other Cells will be formed this year. To start it only needs a Superior and three members. At present the great majority of our confrères are unattached to any local centre. articles: C S, 'Fatima Diary'; 'Shrine of St Augustine, Pavia'; 'A letter to the Prior of Walsingham, 1255'; 'Walsingham from within'; R T B, 'Annunciation' [a poem] photographs: Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, on North wall outside the Shrine church [above]; the High Altar, St Mary's Church, Walsingham; two photographs of the Basilica S Pietro Ciel d'Oro, Pavia; the workmen who discovered the holy well when the foundations of the Shrine church were dug in1931