Our Lady's Mirror

Summer 1950

Bishop Irine of Dalmatia and Dr Najdanovic, our Orthodox resident priest
Pilgrims are often seen studying the inscriptions on the two Cenotaphs in the Shrine Church, so that translations may be of interest. The first is that of Father Tooth in S. Thomas’s Chapel and the inscription reads:- “To commemorate the wonderful memory of the Reverend Arthur Tooth, Priest and Confessor of the Catholic Faith: who in the year 1877 sustained a long imprisonment in the quarter called Horsemonger Lane for the liberties of the Church and the True Faith. Born June 17th, 1839, he died March 5th, 1931, and was buried at Elmers End after fifty years spent in the upbringing of boys”. (The last sentence of the above refers to Father Tooth’s great foundation at Otford of the Otford Court School, Kent, which is now one of the well-known Catholic preparatory schools.) The second inscription is in the Clinton Chantry Chapel of S. John the Evangelist, it is upon the monument raised to the memory of members of that family. “In pious memory of Geoffrey de Clinton, A.D. 1090, Founder of the Castle and monastery of Kenilworth: of his brother Osbert and his Descendants, on whose souls may God have mercy”. We were favoured with glorious weather for the annual Whit-Monday pilgrimage. Over a thousand lay people with a very large proportion of men and fifty or more Priests came to the Holy House on that day, and by the way sang splendidly. Canon Wakefield of Hunstanton delivered the Oration. Bishop Irine, Archimandrite Nicholas Gibbes and other members of the Orthodox Church assisted. Pilgrims often remark upon the number of lamps burning in the Church and others write asking for lights to be kindled for their intentions or in thanksgiving for favours received. There are fifteen lamps in the Holy House given for the most part, by people who, before the war, intended to maintain them; some have died, and others have, it seems, forgotten their lamps set up before Our Lady in her house at Walsingham. Readers may like to rekindle these lights as they are only lit if and when the necessary money is sent in for their maintenance. Besides these fifteen, there are four lamps in addition to the obligatory white light before the Tabernacle in the C.B.S. Chapel; perhaps there are members of the Confraternity who may or may not belong to the S.O.L.W. who might like to keep these burning? There is one before the Icon of Our Lady of the Gates, another in front of the feretory containing the relic of S. Thomas. Would clients of the Martyr of Canterbury like this opportunity of following in their forefather’s steps by keeping this light? Or again the “Shrine” of the Little Flower requires funds for her lamp, to say nothing of the Sepulchre, etc. Lights in Chantry Chapels should certainly if lit be maintained by their endowments or “owners”. In our last number we said the Church was in the hands of the cleaners, the major part of this most satisfactory work has been completed and for the summer months has been brought to an end. It is marvellous how much light and reflected light result from this (the first) real “spring-clean” since it was built. The sudden coming of the hot weather in June has brought the gardens forward with a rush and by July they will all be over and sad looking, we fear, something like August: but the wave of warmth has been delightful and most welcome, and now we are having a “rainy season”. This August is the jubilee of the foundation of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham, now one of the largest Marian Societies in the Anglican Communion. We had hoped that members would have taken up the suggestion that a special pilgrimage should be made to the Holy House one day that month but the idea has not been taken up. We propose, therefore, to have a Solemn High Mass in the Pilgrimage Church on August 22nd, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the Society and in thanksgiving for the twenty-five years of its existence. Should members outside Walsingham like to come to the Mass perhaps they would let us know at once so that a time can be arranged to suit any coming in parties from a distance. Please inform the Pilgrimage Secretary. articles: 'St Bertram (Hermit of the Dales)'; 'Ave Maria'; 'A Roman Jubilee Pilgrimage'; I H V, 'Corpus Christi at Barrovallie, St Vincent, BWI'; obituary of Fr Alban Baverstock; obituary of Major Arthur Frank Bowker photographs: Bishop Irine of Dalmatia and Dr Najdanovic, our Orthodox resident priest [above]; two photographs of a pilgrimage procession; Michaelangelo's Pieta in St Peter's, Rome